WCCM is a bridge helping to cross racial and cultural barriers to reach developing countries for Christ

Assisting indigenous churches in becoming strategic bases for evangelism

Providing financial support and other resources to help nationals in their ministries

Meeting both spiritual and physical needs of the local people



WCCM seeks to work together with churches, organizations, and individuals worldwide in the following areas





During his years serving as the Vice-President of the International Theological Seminary (ITS) and Chair of its Practical Theology Department, the late Rev. Fred T. Cheung had a desire to support those students who wanted to return to their countries to serve upon graduation from seminary training. Through interaction with these students, he encouraged them to stay close to the Lord and commit their plans to Him. As these students came from developing countries, many of them lacked the financial means to support themselves and their ministries. Rev. Cheung would encourage and exhort them to trust the Lord to provide for their needs. At the same time, he was asking the Lord to show him a way to raise support to help these students in their ministries. It was then that the Lord showed him that working in partnership would be the organizational structure that he could use to support them in their local ministries.



After much prayer and serious thinking, Rev. Cheung and a few Christian brothers and sisters established the Worldwide Christian Churches Ministries (WCCM). Its primary purpose is to provide financial support to their ministries for the ministers/evangelists who have returned to their home countries to serve. Such ministries include evangelism and church planting; theological education and leadership training; and, education and caring ministries. This paradigm takes on a holistic approach to preach the gospel as it embraces support for both spiritual and practical aspects of the ministry using a partnership-servanthood model.

​Instead of taking the lead, we are partners with a servant attitude, working together with our sponsored ministry directors. Rev. Cheung also believed that it would be more cost effective and time efficient to train and support native ministers/evangelists in their native land than to send missionaries abroad. He had seen how the strenuous demands of adjusting to a new culture and learning different languages, had exacted a heavy toll on the missionary family. Consequently, WCCM takes on the approach of supporting indigenous workers instead of sending missionaries to serve in developing countries.


The vision and mission of WCCM are continued after the Lord took His servant, Fred,  to his heavenly home in February 2004. His widow, Freda, picked up the baton and continued on the ministry. Together with the WCCM Board and supporters, they pushed forward the ministry of sharing God’s redemptive love with people in developing countries



20th-anniversary celebration
We invited all our ministries directors from the seven countries to the US to join us in this celebration. For the celebration, we held a retreat for the ministries directors, during which they shared and prayed for each other’s ministries as well as their plans for the coming years. In addition, we held a Koinonia Symposium which was opened to the public. We presented WCCM’s model of partnership with the ministries directors whom we have been supporting financially as well as in other resources.  
On September 18th, we held our annual vision sharing event in which we celebrated with our donors and supporters of God’s faithfulness and blessing in the past 20 years.  We also presented our plans for the next five years which include ministries to Syrian refugees in Egypt and the establishment of a mobile theological training center to serve developing countries. We ended the celebration by lifting our voices to sing “Majesty, kingdom, authority, unto Jesus…”



WCCM is moving forward in partnership with the indigent ministers/evangelists in its vision of expanding the gospel ministries in developing countries where Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism predominate. Currently, our ministries span across 8 countries.
In June,  a dental team went to serve the Sudanese refugees and Syrian refugees in Egypt. A team of teachers for the mobile seminary is in the process of being formed.



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