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Currently the ministries in creative access areas focus on the following:




It is through ‘missionaries’ who are willing to take risks that people who live in difficult and inaccessible areas have a chance to hear the good news that Jesus loves them and through Him they may have eternal life. The sharing of the gospel is conducted in non-traditional ways. Both the ‘missionary’ and convert are at risk of being imprisoned. Most of the churches in these areas operate independently of each other. They will need mentoring and encouragement from more experienced ministers/leaders.

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Many who serve in remote areas have received no prior training. Some, who came to know the Lord earlier, have the burden to shepherd and nurture the new Christians in their communities. These ministers and leaders often serve while at the same time work on a job to support their families as most of them serve on a voluntary basis receiving no salary. A two-year seminary training program is made available to those who want to be better equipped to serve their church.

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Once a year in the summer a gospel camp is held for university bound students. The purpose of the camp is to share the message of Jesus Christ in a relevant way to these university- bound students. The camp is open to both Christians and non-Christians. Through the gospel camp, the Christians are strengthened as they prepare themselves to attend university; and non-Christians will learn that Jesus Christ will help them when they encounter difficulties, and is the answer to life problems.

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