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The Lord has placed upon Khon Kaen Church (KKC) the importance of the Great Commission given by the Lord Jesus Christ. It has been our goal to conduct evangelistic ministries and plant churches in the Northeastern part of Thailand. For this year, ten people were baptized altogether in the daughter churches. Besides evangelism, the church emphasized and conducted the following activities during 2019.

PRAYER MINISTRIES: An overnight prayer meeting is conducted every quarter at the mother church, and all daughter churches are encouraged to participate.


CHURCH LEADERSHIP: Training programs are planned for the year to mold and build up the leaders. These programs include Bible Classes and Ministry Evaluation to help improve and encourage the ministers.


FOLLOW-UP PROGRAM: This is to provide fellowship and encouragement to the ministers to sharpen the use of their spiritual gifts to serve in their churches.


Sharing from Pastor Pinol Moobanmuang 


Sharing from Pastor Aaron Prasomboon

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