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We Share and We Connect


WCCM is a bridge to help connect churches and individual Christians with the needs of the mission fields. We seek to share the urgent needs of the fields and the vitality of identified local ministries that need outside support. We help to channel the financial and prayer support from concerned churches and individuals to needed churches and organizations. We also help to provide supervision and ensure accountability for our partnering ministries. 

We Partner and We Support


WCCM has been an effective instrument in supporting ministries started by nationals in developing countries where Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, and Communism predominate. The majority of these people groups are mostly unreachable by Western missionaries due to the hostile nature of these countries towards Christianity and distrust built up over the years. We found that by partnering with and supporting missionaries returning to their native countries after their completion of seminary training in the USA, WCCM's mission is sustainable as reported in the results these past 20 years. 

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Our Partnering Ministries

Since its inception in 1995, WCCM has channeled financial and other support for 30 ministries in 8 countries in which the religious influences of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam predominate. Our partnering ministries include evangelism and church planting, theological education and leadership training, and caring ministries including medical services, orphanages, schools, ministries for widows and needy children.

WCCM's vision in promoting  evangelism and expanding gospel ministries in developing countries focuses on three strategic areas:

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