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KuKu KaKa is one of the few schools that is set up for refugees in Cairo, Egypt. The School started as a Basic school for Sudanese refugees who fled their country. WCCM funded the school in 2007 which ran from Grade 1 to Grade 8. In 2017, it expanded to include High school. The school is opened to Christians and Muslims. It is hoped that through attending the school, the students will have an opportunity to hear the gospel. The school has been improving in its academic achievement, and is now one of the top schools for Sudanese refugees.

WCCM received funding from a church in Hong Kong to support students attending vocational education. This is a big help and encouragement to the students as many will not have the opportunity to attend universities. For 2019, seven students were awarded scholarship to attend trade school in September. Currently, two picked Computer, one in Car Driving, one in Washing Machine Repair, and three in Car Mechanics. A teacher is assigned to be the mentor for these students to ensure they would fully apply themselves and seek job opportunities upon graduation.

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2023 1st Quarter Report

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2021 2nd Quarter Report

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2021 1st Quarter Report

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2021 Vocational Training Report

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