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The Living Hope Ministry (LHM) provides a number of ministries for the residents living in Taldi which is made up of mostly Muslim and Hindi.  


At present, there are 175 children studying in the school. The school provides free text books and notebooks to all children. All students receive a set of school uniform as Christmas gift. Starting next year, LHM will add Class V in line with other government schools. The teachers received continued education to help them improve their teaching and to grow spiritually.



After and before school programs help to provide spiritual and educational support to children and adolescent boys and girls. The youths meet for prayer on Thursdays. These programs have helped reduced school dropouts and early marriage. All the children who are part of these programs have passed and are promoted to the next class.

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This program which we conduct in partnership with NOMI Network has turned out to be very useful for the poor and vulnerable women of Taldi and its surroundings. Through this program, 47 women received training in life skills and technical skills, 45 have completed Phase I. Then an additional 40 women and 10 adolescent girls will participate in phase I. During the first phase they learn more of life skills, and during second phase of three months they learn technical skills. During the third phase of the program, we assist them to find jobs in their specialized trades. The women who have completed first phase of training will receive technical skill training in junk jewelry making, fancy bag making using beads and fancy threads, and tailoring.


A total of 14 students appeared for class 10 and class 12 exams. All of them have passed the exams with good marks. The monthly interaction with all the students over prayer and Bible study is rewarding. WASH program was held to help students understand the importance of personal health and hygiene. A Marriage Counselling program was conducted to help students learn about the ill effects of early marriage.


WCCM has donated the necessary funds to help with the construction of a day care hospital. We need more medical professionals and increase the frequency of the clinic. A formal interaction with the Leprosy Mission Hospital (TLM), Kolkata was held to improve ways for cooperation. During the first phase, TLM will send doctor and technicians to conduct eye clinics on second and fourth Saturdays. Further expansion plans are under discussion

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During the year, churches and organizations came to visit us. Among these is the Logos Community Church in New York, and WCCM. They brought gifts for the children, conducted medical screening for local residents as well as training for the teachers.



The house fellowship is taking place in Madhyamgram.  There was VBS for the children of Taldi, Notunpara and Puchkapara from June 28 to 30. There were 279 children on the final day. Church elders and youths were cooperative and were involved in conducting the VBS for the children. The children were taught new songs and stories and were motivated to attend their respective Sunday schools regularly.


Doing evangelism work in India is becoming increasingly difficult as there are anti-Christian forces. Kindly lift us up in your prayers. We realize that it is both a privilege and a challenge to preach the gospel.


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