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Leadership Development Project (LDP)

Leadership Development Project (LDP) was started to provide trainings and to equip church leaders in their ministry with sound doctrine of Christian faith, and to motivate them to be effective leaders in the church and society. Most of them have received little or no training to prepare them to serve in the church. Additionally, LDP has a special focus on empowering the women leaders.

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In April 2019, a team from the Worldwide Christian Churches Ministries conducted training for the church leaders. The training has made an impact to almost all the churches in areas of administration, pastoral ministries, laity ministries and worship service.  The Small Business Loan Program have improved the economic lives of the villagers, and the Vocational Training Program of carpentry/tool making, embroidery and piano classes have re-energized the students in their learning, and have enabled some students to continue their studies in college.

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Hills Academy

In 2002, the Hills Academy was started to provide grade school education to the surrounding villages where the children had no school to attend. At the same time, we wanted to lead them to follow the way of Christian faith and to embrace the love of Christ in their living. At least 50% of the students have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior since attending the HA. In 2019, six students accepted baptism on Easter Sunday. They are our future generation of leaders!


2023 1st Quarter Newsletter

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Sharing from Sister Rose Ningshen, Director of LDP

Sharing from Worsem Ningshen,

now M.Div Student ( graduate of LDP)  

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