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In 2019 WCCM started to partially support The New Light Ministry (TNLM) that was founded in October 2016. A group of Christians after much prayer decided to reach the unreached non-believing community of Bidyadarpur in the outskirts of Kolkata. The city has no church and only very few believers, and is very much prone to human trafficking. The ministry started initially with tutoring service to twenty students in the morning before school starts. At present it has in- creased to more than sixty students. Most of them are from broken families where they live 

with grandparents who are unable to provide for their food. Education is not given any priority, and the girls are married off as early as fifteen years of age. Thru TNLM parents/guardians are taught about the importance of education, health and hygiene and the importance of having a good family. Besides getting breakfast and snacks in the morning, the students also receive toiletries monthly and health drink (Horlicks) bimonthly. There is now smile on the students’ faces, and encouragement among the parents/guardians. This year all our students of different grades have successfully passed onto the next academic year. There is improvement in their health. Both the students and parents/guardians attend the free medical camp regularly, and the children are learning good hygienic habits.


Sunday fellowship is opened for all, and some villagers started to attend regularly. Around fifty students attend Sunday School where they learn the Word of God through drawings. They also learn to pray, sing, and recite the word of God. This has impacted their lives, and some have asked for a copy of Bible.


2023 2nd Quarter Newsletter

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2023 1st Quarter Newsletter

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2021 2nd Quarter Newsletter

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2021 1st Quarter Newsletter

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