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In Laos, Christians are allowed to worship in government recognized churches. However, they are not allowed to preach the gospel in the open. Also Christians are not allowed to study the Bible in school which means that they have to receive Bible training in places outside of Laos. In other words, Laos has no Bible Seminary. The Northeastern Bibles Seminary (NBS) is in Khon Kaen, Thailand. It offers a four- year Bachelor of Theology degree. Its stated purpose is to train and equip those who are called by God to full-time minis- try of transformation through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord, it has ex- tended its training opportunities to the neighboring country, Laos.


For 2019, WCCM is supporting 4 students from Laos. All students have to read and write Thai in order to study at NBS. Two of the students are a married couple. They have to struggle hard to learn the language first in order to study at 


seminary. Though difficult, they are determined to grab hold of this opportunity to study the Bible so that they can be equipped to serve the Lord in their own country. Besides the language, one student also has to struggle whether to remain at school or to return home to support his parents as he is the oldest son in his family. These students need our prayers so they will remain strong in their faith and be able to face all the difficulties and struggles to prepare for the ministries back in Laos after training.



Prayer Request for open border:


I know this is a little late, but I was hoping to be able to give you some good news from the College. We began classes in July, a month later than usual, due to COVID restrictions. The border had not opened and the Laos students could not return. We heard that the government might open the borders to students in August, so we prayed to see them then. August is here and nothing has opened for them yet. So, now we are praying that things will open up in time for them to join us for semester 2, which would begin the second week of November.


Blessings on you!

Bonnie Burnett
Northeastern Bible Seminary

2020 1st Quarter Newsletter

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