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While on earth, the Lord Jesus showed a loving and caring heart for the children who came to Him. Following Jesus’ example, the Antioch Orphanage & Children Home (AOCH) was established in 2009 in response to the need of many children who were either orphaned or abandoned by their parents because of poverty. Another important purpose of AOCH is to teach the children about Jesus, and to prepare them spiritually, physically and mentally to face life on their own after leaving the Home.

Throughout the year, the Home conducted different activities for the children. These included celebrating Christmas with special program and caroling; celebrating cultural festivals, participating in Vacation Bible School and other activities. During the weekends, the children are encouraged to read books to help increase their general knowledge. Every Sunday, the children attend Sunday School, worship service and other activities. Additionally, these children share in different household chores such as washing clothes, cleaning the Home, cooking and washing dishes, and cutting hair. Some of the older girls are also learning to sew their clothes. All these are to prepare them to take care of themselves and take on responsibilities of caring for their future family.


During 2019, apart from attending school, the children participated in outreach services to the community. They shared with other children about

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Jesus Christ and His love and salvation for all. In addition, they extended helping hands to their Buddhist neighbors, visiting their homes and providing for some of their physical and medical needs. They also played games with children in the neighborhood. This is to help them become responsible for and express love towards the community they live in.

2021 3rd Quarter Newsletter

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2021 2nd Quarter Newsletter

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2021 1st Quarter Newsletter

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2020 4th Quarter Newsletter


2020 2nd Quarter Newsletter

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2020 1st Quarter Newsletter

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