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Starting in 2019, WCCM partners with the CGO to serve the refugee community in areas outside of Cairo. In recent years, many refugees from Syria and Sudan had settled in this foreign land. The CGO was established to meet these challenges:


  • To support and develop the local community in the greater Cairo area.

  • To support and develop the refugee’s communities in the greater Cairo area.

  • To create opportunities for Egyptian Christian churches to find practical ways to serve the community (locals and aliens).



  • To reach out through sustainable establishments to support the poor, needy, and special groups of people, such as widows, orphans, strangers and people with special needs. This will be achieved through the establishment of service projects, such as a Policlinics, nurseries, educational centers, sports activities, skills development, speech training, care of prisoners, and health care, etc.

  • To establish new ministries amongst marginalized groups in Egypt helping them to be light in the world.


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