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In Egypt, access to education is one of the things that refugee children are denied. Many children have to stay home while parents are at work. The poor living conditions together with malnutrition have stunted the development of refugee children. “The Happy Child Preschool is set up 14 years ago to meet the educational needs of these children. The school employs Montessori-trained teachers to provide the students with foundational literacy, numeracy and social skills. The children attend school five days a week and are taught a range of topics including English, Arabic, Mathematics, Music and Religious Studies.” Besides providing the children with these foundational skills, the school also provides one nutritional balanced meal per day to help fight malnutrition. They also have free and structured activities throughout the day. While children are at school, parents and caregivers are freed up to pursue employment, training and/or further education to better their opportunities to find work.


2020 4th Quarter Newsletter

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2020 2nd Quarter Newsletter

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2020 1st Quarter Newsletter

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