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In the presence of an ever growing Christian ministry, caring opportunities open up which calls for schools, services and training for widows and young people as well as poor and needy children. At the same time in the wake of natural disasters where WCCM-supported ministries are situated, such as the earthquake in Nepal and flooding in India, we reached out by providing both material and monetary aid to help with relief and rebuilding efforts. We also provide vocational training and small business loans to help motivated families and young people learn new skills that could improve their earning capacities and quality of living.

Antioch Orphanage Children's Home
  • Provides care, daily necessities and public education for orphans until 18 years of age.


  • Teaches them about the love of Jesus and the Bible.


  • Lives together as a family, and learns to do daily chores.

Emmanual Hostel
  • Serves the poor and needy children including orphans from 4 to 18 years of age. Provides support for 54 children currently.

  • Provides education through sending them to regular public schools.

  • Teaches Bible to the hostel residents, and trains them to serve in worship services.

  • Participates in community activities such as sports events and caring of the elderly.​​​​

Living Hope Ministry
  • Evangelism among Bengali in Kolkata

Hills Academy
  • Provides education to students who come from over 33 villages in Khamlang Hills, India. Current enrollment is about 330 students.

  • Includes Bible and the building of a Christian character in its curriculum.

  • Maintains a very high academic standard throughout the years.

Hope for Himalayan People Ministries 

Reach every unreached Nepalese in and beyond Nepal with the good news of Jesus Christ. Via:

  • Church planting in every community and people groups by the local Christians;

  • Gospel radio broadcasting

Refugee Village
(Areas where it is sensitive to openly declare Christian ministries)
  • Campus Ministry

  • Ethnic Minority Ministries

  • Evangelism

  • Refugee Ministry

Happy Child Preschool
  • ​Provides a safe and caring environment for vulnerable refugee children to learn, create, and play, while helps improve the future of the whole family by freeing parents (including older siblings) to access employment or to attend school.

  • Teaches Arabic, English, Arithmetic, Art and Bible stories as part of the curriculum.

Kuku Kaka Basic & Secondary School
  • Provides a sound education for Sudanese refugees children. (They are not allowed to attend public schools in Cairo, Egypt).

  • Includes Bible in its curriculum so students will learn about the true God.

  • Follows a Sudanese curriculum and teaches in English.

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